Education Program

Applying for Licensure: MAT

from Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE)

  • DESE recommends that you create your licensure (ELAR) profile early in your teacher education career.

  • Complete steps 1-5 by September 1.

  • You can complete the process of applying online for a Massachusetts teaching license during the final semester of your, student-teaching Internship or any time after you have completed the Teacher Education Program.[1]

  • The earlier in your Internship that you complete all nine steps, the better.

Steps to complete by September 1

  1. Go to

  2. Click the “ELAR” button on the right side of the page which opens the “ESE Security Portal.”

  3. If you are logging on for the first time, select the “Create ELAR Profile” under the login button.

  4. Write down your user name, password, and MEPID for future log ins.

  5. Email your MEPID number to the Teacher Education Program (

Provisional License

You should apply for a provisional license as soon as you are able to do so. This will make you more competitive for the jobs to which you are applying in spring. It will also allow you to apply for substitute teaching positions.

Provisional License for Secondary Education requires:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree

  • Passing all required MTELs (Communication and Literacy plus all additional required Subject Specific)

BA/BS-MATs can only apply for provisional licenses after their BA/BS has been awarded.

Elementary MATs cannot apply for provisional licenses until after they have officially completed the 10 hours of instruction in supporting students who have moderate disabilities. After the hours are complete you can submit an official letter signed by Prof. Danielle Igra and your special education instructor, Desiree Phillips, verifying completion. See the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website for complete details.

Initial License

Steps to complete for your initial license in early summer

  1. Follow the “User Registration” directions and click “Submit” as you complete each page.
  2. You are applying for an  INITIAL license in your subject area & grade level and you are completing an approved program.
  3. Also apply for the SEI (Sheltered English Immersion) – Path 1.  There is no cost.
  4. Print and save a copy of your payment receipt.
  5. Email the Teacher Education Program ( confirming the date that you completed your application and paid the application fee.

Your license will be issued only after

  • You graduate from the MAT;

  • You have taken and passed required MTELs;

  • The Education Program verifies online, after graduation, that you are a “Program Completer" and endorses you for SEI;

  • You have an official final transcript with an endorsement[2]  (available after graduation);

DESE no longer issues hard copy licenses. You or a potential employer can verify your license by any of the steps listed under News and Updates on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website.

Good Standing Letter: MAT

In mid- or late May, when you have completed your online license application and have passed all MTELs, but have not yet completed the MAT program and received your initial license, you should request a letter of good standing from the Teacher Education Program ( This letter can accompany job applications, and it will let potential employers know that you will be eligible for your initial license as of the graduation date.

Program Completion Letter

In the month between the end of the summer classes (late July) and the final transcript date, if you need official confirmation for an employer that you will be completing the MAT program and receiving your initial license, request a Program Completer Letter from the Teacher Education Program (

[1] If you choose to apply for licensure at a later date, you will need to request a copy of your transcript from the Registrar and send it directly to DESE.  If you will be applying for licensure in another state using reciprocity, please familiarize yourself thoroughly with that state’s requirements.

[2] An “endorsement” is added to your transcript by the Registrar per request of the Teacher Education Program.  It states: "This student has completed a State approved and NASDTEC recognized program for licensure in (license field, type, & level) and is endorsed for initial licensure in this field."