Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies

Earn Your Master's in Digital Innovation for FinTech

The Master's in Digital Innovation for Fintech is currently under review and will not be accepting applications for 2023-24.

Accelerating change in the financial sector

In the blink of an eye, advancements in FinTech have fundamentally changed our day-to-day lives. Instead of using cash to pay for a cab or standing in line to deposit checks, we use apps to quickly and easily do what we need to do.

You can play a role in the FinTech revolution, as part of a leading firm, upskilling at your current organization, or at the helm of your own company. The online master's in Digital Innovation for FinTech from Brandeis GPS helps you achieve these goals and become a catalyst of progress.

Our program is truly your program, one you can customize as you prepare to:

  • Level up in FinTech-related tech skills and master best practices for digital skills.
  • Learn more about designing leading-edge financial solutions using emerging technologies.
  • Apply financial theories to better understand investor problems and design technology solutions.
  • Access networking events, webinars and conference opportunities.
  • Realize the career-long benefits of small, interactive classes at one of the nation's top universities.

*Received official STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) designations

Courses and Requirements

Part-time | Fully online | Financially accessible

Your 30-credit Digital Innovation for FinTech MS program has seven required courses and three electives.

Required courses like Launching FinTech Ventures and FinTech: The Evolution of Technology for Financial Services expand your knowledge of fundamental topics, while electives like Digital Product Development and Strategic Planning allow you to build skills in specific areas of interest.

The Digital Innovations for FinTech Industry

Disrupting how business gets done

We are living in the age of FinTech. Don't let the name fool you — the impact of FinTech goes far beyond financial services. The entire economy can potentially benefit. As an industry, it embraces radical changes in business structures and processes, managerial practices, customer interactions, product development and new ways of working. FinTech is the current cornerstone of financial innovation — and you'll be ready to lead the charge.