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Abstract image of stick figures of different colors in a circleHAWP and the Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) are partnering with The Body Positive to bring their innovative program to our community. Body Positive Brandeis offers a group curriculum addressing body image, intuitive self-care, and community building, as well as opportunities for community members to become trained facilitators of the program.

What sets Body Positive Brandeis apart from other body image and eating disorder prevention programs is its intentional commitment to serve people of all identities and create space for dialogue around the impact of privilege, oppression, and intersecting identities on body image and self-care.

Five Competencies of The Body Positive:
  1. Reclaim health
  2. Practice intuitive self-care
  3. Cultivate self-love
  4. Declare your own authentic beauty
  5. Build community

Body Positive Brandeis Groups

Body Positive Brandeis groups utilize the power of peer support to empower and engage people of all identities to engage in thoughtful, meaningful dialogue about their bodies and well-being. These groups meet via Zoom and follow an 8-session curriculum covering the five competencies of The Body Positive.

Spring 2021 groups have begun and signups are now closed. For more information about Body Positive Brandeis groups and opportunities, please email

Online Courses

Body Positive Health

This 1-hour online course can be completed independently and does not involve any live meetings. The Body Positive Health course focuses on the "Reclaim Health" competency of the Body Positive program, offering interactive exercises to deepen your understanding of body image and health. This course is free to the Brandeis community.

Body Positive Fundamentals

This 2-hour online course can be completed independently and does not involve any live meetings. The Fundamentals course introduces the five competencies of the Body Positive program, offering interactive exercises to improve your relationship with your body. This course is free to the Brandeis community.

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(Please note: These online courses are run through The Body Positive organization; they are not Brandeis classes offering academic credit.) 

Apply to be a Body Positive Brandeis Facilitator

We are seeking volunteers (students, staff, and faculty) to facilitate Body Positive Brandeis groups for various communities at Brandeis.

Body Positive Brandeis is a structured curriculum developed by eating disorder specialists and licensed clinical social workers Connie Sobczak and Elizabeth Scott of The Body Positive.

If you are interested in becoming a Body Positive Brandeis Facilitator, please email with "Body Positive Brandeis Facilitator Training" in the subject line.


"The Body Positive is such a unique and refreshing space that allows us to be honest with ourselves and honest with others. Taking the first steps towards self-love alongside this wonderful group of people was an invaluable experience, and I will walk this path for the rest of my life."
-Kaleigh Yee '23

"Working with and learning from the Body Positive is only the continuation of a journey I have been on for years with my body, that will continue forever. I am of the belief that everyone can incorporate body positive work and thinking into their life, and it will make a lasting impact." - Maddie Herrup '22

"I have never felt as confident in my body as I do since starting these weekly meetings, and I am so lucky I found this group of people whose goal it is to bring out the best in one another while recognizing the real challenges we face everyday with body positivity." - Margo Sobel '22

"The Body Positive group allowed me to see past a fear of vulnerability through powerful discussion and connections made with other group members. The mission of the Body Positive is truly encapsulated in how it brought a group of strangers with different bodies and experiences to learn, share, and grow in positivity together." - Sabrina Salov '22

"My experience with the Body Positive Brandeis led me to find a community of supportive and empowering  people who may have had different journeys than me but still treated me with so much love, compassion, and understanding in a way where I felt completely seen and heard." - Anonymous Participant, fall 2020