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An old door in modern-day Israel (c) Roi Ankori-Karlinsky and Nina Berinstein, 2018

Rigorous Academic Study

The Schusterman Center is dedicated to supporting and growing the academic field of Israel studies.

Panoramic view of Bahai Gardens in Haifa, a hillside gardens overlooking the city and, beyond it, the sea

Research Guide to Israel Studies

We created a guide for scholars, educators, students, and anyone wanting to learn more about Israel. With expert-recommended resources and tips for effective research, this is a one-stop shop for Israel Studies queries, needs, and information.

Schusterman Center Publications


We sponsor publications that seek to enlighten both a scholarly and non-scholarly audience with the latest research on the modern State of Israel.

Professor Gannit Ankori speaking to Summer Institute fellows about an art exhibit

The Summer Institute for Israel Studies

Our Summer Institute for Israel Studies equips higher-education faculty with the resources they need in order to take a rigorously academic approach to teaching about modern Israel on college campuses.

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 – Seven Blessings (Sheva Brachot), part of The National Center for Jewish Film’s Annual Film Festival, May 12-21 

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Suggested Resources

We recommend this brief guide to help navigate the events of October 7. We hope you find it useful.  Access the guide.

Promoting exemplary teaching and scholarship on the modern state of Israel

The Schusterman Center is unparalleled in the depth and breadth of its ambition and in the intellectual resources available to realize its goals.

Like the best Israel studies centers, the Schusterman Center is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of Israeli history, politics, culture and society. But its mission goes far beyond scholarship itself. The center is committed to creating and disseminating knowledge about the modern state of Israel, not just at Brandeis, but to a global audience.

The center is shaping and safeguarding the future of Israel studies by training the next generation of scholars in the field. Through innovative research and teaching programs, lectures, conferences, grants, publications, films and art exhibitions, complemented by a unique online resource site, the center is nurturing a worldwide community of people who are knowledgeable about Israel. 

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Israeli Civil Society During War

A large number of people packing boxes in what appears to be a warehouse.

Watch the recordings of this three-part series on our YouTube channel. In these conversations between Professor Yehudah Mirsky and leading figures from Israeli civil society, we learn about how diverse groups of Israelis are responding to the aftermath of October 7th, and what it can teach us about Israeli society as a whole.  (Photo credit: John Jeffay. Source: Israel21c.org.)

In Memoriam: Professor David Ellenson

David Ellenson
With deep sadness, the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University announces the passing of Rabbi David Ellenson, PhD, who was director of the Center, and visiting professor in the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University, from 2015-2018. Continue reading

Your Research Guide to Israel Studies

Panoramic view of hillside garden opening to views of a city and, below it, the sea

Looking to learn, research, or teach about Israel? Explore our Research Guide to Israel Studies, a one-stop shop for Israel Studies queries, needs, and information. This free guide contains resources for researchers of every kind. From the high schooler writing a class report, to a journalist looking for reliable information, to a senior academic with thirty years' experience, everyone - especially those now working from home - will find it invaluable. Produced with the Israel Studies faculty at Brandeis University, in conjunction with other leading scholars, and edited by our associate director, Dr. Shayna Weiss, this is the most comprehensive guide of its kind available. Explore the Research Guide to Israel Studies.