Code of Conduct

The Brandeis Library Code of Conduct is intended to foster scholarship, protect the rights of others, and preserve library resources. This code of conduct is based on the Brandeis University community standards of behavior, as detailed in the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

All users of the library facilities must:

  1. Provide a Brandeis University ID card (or a government-issued ID) when asked to do so by library employees. To ensure the security of library users and to protect library property, Library Staff reserve the right to search patrons’ bags.
  2. Respect the rights of others. Verbal or physical abuse, harassment of library users or library employees, or other actions that interfere with the use of the library are prohibited.
  3. Ensure that food and drink are contained so as to avoid spills and odors. Food and drink should be kept away from computer terminals, keyboards, photocopy machines, printers, microfilm/fiche readers, in order to avoid costly damage. No food deliveries to the library are allowed.
  4. Keep the library clean (and free of vermin) by discarding trash in appropriate receptacles.
  5. Use cell phones only in common areas; cell phones should not be used in quiet study areas.

Library users must not:

  1. Engage in disruptive behaviors, obstruct library staff or services, or disturb others in quiet and semi-quiet study zones.
  2. Vandalize, steal, or abuse library property, or seek improper access to library computer systems, networks, programs, or data. Unlawful actions will have legal repercussions.
  3. Bring alcohol into the library or consume alcohol in the library except at authorized University events.
  4. Smoke inside library buildings or within 30 feet of library entrances. Ashtrays are available more than 30 feet outside library entrances for your convenience.
  5. Solicit, survey, or otherwise canvas library patrons or staff, unless specifically authorized to do so by the Director of Public Services.

Violators of these policies may be referred to Public Safety or to the Student Judicial System, and they may lose library privileges, including borrowing of Brandeis-owned materials and use of Interlibrary Loan and Scan on Demand services.