Electronic Resources

The Brandeis Library licenses electronic resources (e-resources) for the non-commercial educational, scholarly, and research use of the Brandeis University community.

In accordance with the terms of Brandeis University's e-resource license agreements, access to electronic resources is limited to current Brandeis faculty, staff, students, and community members with a current Brandeis email account and academic affiliate role in Workday. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for Brandeis community members who have a current non-academic affiliate role in Workday and whose work requires access to e-resources.

Each user is responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of these license agreements. Vendors and publishers have the means to identify unauthorized uses and if unauthorized use is suspected, access may be blocked to the user. Violations of the terms of a license agreement by one individual may result in loss of access to the resource for the entire Brandeis community.

Our e-resource licenses generally prohibit the following uses:

  • Access by unauthorized users
    • Most licenses define authorized users as current Brandeis students, faculty, or staff
    • Most licenses also permit “walk-in” use by patrons who are not members of the Brandeis community, but who may access our e-resources on the public computers in the Library
  • Excessive or systematic downloading, copying, or printing of licensed content (for instance, entire journal issues or books)
  • Using software or other automated tools to systematically download licensed content
  • Posting copyrighted materials to websites or online
  • Modifying, altering, or creating derivative works
  • Commercial use

In accordance with the University’s Computing Policies, it is the responsibility of each member of the Brandeis community to ensure that electronic resources are used in compliance with all relevant federal and state laws, and University policies. 

Please contact if you have any questions about access to or appropriate use of electronic resources.