Online Library Data

Privacy is a crucial part of academic freedom and Brandeis University Library is committed to protecting the privacy of library users. This statement serves to inform members of the Brandeis University community about the ways in which the online library data is collected, how that information is used, and how the information is protected. As needs and services evolve, this privacy statement may evolve as well.

We maintain confidentiality and privacy of information about each patron’s use of online library resources. This information includes, but is not limited to, website log data and usage data from the accessing of the library’s subscription resources and other online resources. The library reviews aggregated, de-identified usage data in order to manage these resources, to analyze the way these resources are used, to evaluate the effectiveness of library online services and to improve online services for patrons. Personal data is used only to research abuse of the system that provides online library resources.

We follow established protocols to protect personal information from unauthorized use or disclosure. The Library receives only the information needed to provide its services and retains this information only as long as it is needed in order for the library to perform its work. We do not share patrons’ personal information with external parties, except where required by law.

The Library website provides links to databases and other online resources that are licensed from vendors. The practices of these products and services are not controlled by the Library. Library users are encouraged to review the privacy statements of these products and services.