Signage Policy

Visitors to Brandeis library buildings should encounter spaces conducive to scholarship and inspiring environments for learning. The Library Facilities Committee has approved the following standards for signs.

Please note that signs that do not adhere to the guidelines below will be removed by library staff.

  • Permanent in-library services and wayfinding signs is under the purview of the Library Facilities Committee. Please send needs and suggestions to
  • Short-term signage related to library or in-library offices or departments must be created using provided templates. Signs should be dated and include preparer’s name/department. For more information on templates contact:
  • Emergency and out-of-order signage must be dated and initialed by the creator, and taken down within 2-3 days unless extenuating circumstances apply. Anything requiring longer-term signage falls into the category of “short-term signage,” requiring use of the templates.
  • Posters advertising events, which are professionally designed by Communications, do not have to utilize Library templates and can be paced in designated areas.  For questions, please email
  • Paper flyers and informational pieces about campus activities may be posted to information kiosks at the Goldfarb main entry and on Farber level 1.
  • Library staff reserve the right to relocate or dispose of signs in non-designated areas.

In addition:

  • No signs may be taped to walls. Please use appropriate acrylic holders or frames.

  • Sign posting should not mar walls with nail or screw holes. Please use removable tape hangers, such as Command or similar brands.
  • Other signage needs or questions should be directed to the Senior Facilities Coordinator,