Anita Hershman Avital and her husband, Moshe, celebrated with their grandson Eytan at his bar mitzvah in Israel. Bunny Spector Duhl writes, “Two years ago, I left Cambridge, Massachusetts, to live with my younger daughter, Dina, and son-in-law Chris in Pittsburg, California, on the East Bay of San Francisco. I am fortunate to be in excellent health, and stay busy taking courses, making new friends, working by phone and Skype with a few patients from my psychotherapy practice, and visiting with family.” Larry Nigrosh thinks back on his time up in the wild blue yonder: “I started flying in 1961, which I learned to do (thanks to the GI Bill) at a cost of $3 per flying hour. Then I joined the Civil Air Patrol, eventually becoming deputy wing commander. I stopped flying after 9/11 but never stopped loving it — even though I have hearing aids from spending too much time in the cockpit without earphones.” David and Nic Sheff, the son and grandson of Sumner Sheff, MA’59, have been delivering keynote speeches at medical conferences and addiction clinics across the country. David’s and Nic’s life stories inspired the movie “Beautiful Boy.” Caroline Westerhof teaches at Colorado Technical University and Benedictine University. In April, she gave two presentations at the Alternative Nontraditional Students in Higher Education Conference, in Orlando, Florida.

A man and two women, photographed from behind, look closely at artwork on a wall in the Rose Art Museum

FULL FRAME: The Rose Art Museum is now open year-round, giving you more opportunities to see exhibitions like “Into Form: Selections From the Rose Collection, 1957-2018,” which runs through Jan. 5. As always, admission is free. (Pictured: Installation view, “Howardena Pindell: What Remains to Be Seen,” 2018. Courtesy of the Rose Art Museum. Photo by Natasha Moustache.)

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