Liane Kupferberg Carter was delighted to attend the Brandeis graduation of her niece Lauren Kupferberg ’19. Lauren’s father is Liane’s brother, Martin Kupferberg ’81, P’19. Joel Moskowitz, P’05, who lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts, this summer showed his paintings and drawings in an exhibition titled “Unspooled” at Boston’s Fountain Street Gallery. Freelance business journalist Deborah (Gould) Nason is the author of “The People’s Guide to Finding the Right Financial Advisor,” published this year by Sunshine Financial Press. She covers the investment industry for InvestmentNews and Sandy Segal is in her 28th year as a part-time learning specialist for K-4 students at an independent school in Santa Barbara, California. This summer, her son, Andrew, married Allie Wahba, whose father attended the Jacob Hiatt Institute in Jerusalem two years after Sandy did.
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