Susan Kaplan has moved to a senior residence, taking along her 6-foot grand piano, which she still plays, despite arthritis. She stays busy with the gym, French Club, a monthly piano get-together, a book group and Pilates, and is president of the Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning student association. She traveled to Morocco last January, and plans to go to Berlin and Greece in October. She also plans to come to campus for the next reunion. Herb Lewis is an active anthropologist — publishing, attending conferences and maintaining many contacts in the field. Over the past months, he participated in meetings in Stockholm; Mek’elle, Ethiopia; and San Jose, California. He also visited Jimma, in southern Ethiopia, where he did research for his doctorate in 1958-60. As a Brandeis student, Jules Love scored the first-ever basket for the varsity basketball team at a game at Dartmouth on Dec. 1, 1955, and later was part of the team’s longest-ever winning streak, which lasted 18 games. For the past 50 years, he has worked in various capacities in the development field in behalf of Israel and Judaism, and has been inducted into the Joseph M. Linsey Brandeis Athletics Hall of Fame, the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and the Pennsylvania Basketball Hall of Fame. Jules and wife Judy have been married 38 years and have three children: Eric, Norman (whom USA Today dubbed one of America’s top chocolatiers) and Jaime. Naima (Wallenrod) Prevots will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Dance Education Organization at its October conference in Miami. This summer, she wrote a piece for a daily newsletter about performing with choreographer Merce Cunningham at the 1952 Brandeis Creative Arts Festival.
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