Mitchell Bard, who teaches journalism at Iona College, has received tenure. He lives in Westchester County, New York, with his wife, attorney Ronna Horwitz- Bard ’90, and their 8-year-old son, Isaac. Tom Linfield, who has lived in Madison, Wisconsin, for 25 years, is vice president of community impact at the Madison Community Foundation, helping to award millions of dollars in grants to local nonprofits involved in education, the arts, the environment and community development. An art major at Brandeis, Tom is a board member at the University of Wisconsin’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration. He also draws, and creates sculpture and mosaics. His daughter, Harper, is looking at colleges, and his son, Jonah, has started high school. Todd Soloway is co-chair of the litigation group at law firm Pryor Cashman. He also heads the hotel and hospitality group, and the real estate litigation practice, and serves on the firm’s executive committee. Hildy Zevin-Silverman is the U.S. digital marketing manager at Oticon Medical, a manufacturer of bone-anchored hearing devices. She also regularly publishes short fiction in a variety of anthologies and is a frequent panelist at science fiction, fantasy and horror conventions in the Northeast.
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