Bridging Scholarship and Pedagogy in Jewish Studies


Additional Resources

Bibliography on Pedagogy of Jewish Studies
This bibliography, a work in progress, is an effort to assemble and annotate published material that may be helpful for thinking about various aspects of the teaching of classical Jewish studies (primarily Bible and rabbinic literature). Entries have been recommended by teachers of Jewish studies from a wide variety of settings. The resources include articles and books about the teaching of Jewish studies, as well as other articles and books on Jewish education, Jewish studies, and on teaching more generally.

Download bibliography [PDF] (Revised June 2007)

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The Sugyot that Every Jew Should Know
What are the Talmudic sugyot (topics or discussions) that every educated Jew ought to know, the most famous or significant Talmudic discussions?  This document presents a list of 60+ sugyot nominated by a diverse group of instructors of rabbinic literature in various settings.

Download the sugyot list [PDF] (Revised May 2009)

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