Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Brandeis Scientists in the Classroom

Workshop for Middle and High School Science Teachers

Most recent workshop: Nov. 5, 2019

Location: Farber Library

Since 2015, the Waltham Public School District has partnered with the Brandeis MRSEC for a full-day professional development workshop. First, every science teacher in Waltham attended the MRSEC-sponsored workshop, “Brandeis Scientists in the Classroom.” This full-day workshop brings 30 teachers and ~15 scientists together with the goal of organizing eventual visits to the teachers’ classrooms.

This effort has resulted in more than 20 classroom visits from Brandeis scientists including from MRSEC members in the Epstein, Duclos, Fraden and Rodal Labs. For the story of one visit, see Brandeis scientists reveal the secret behind fruit flies at Waltham High School.