Past Workshops

The Brandeis MRSEC develops hands-on workshops for each IRG. This day-long activity is intended for all IRG members. IRGs involve projects spanning a wide range of techniques and disciplines. Methodologies range from computation and theory to experiment, and range across disciplines from math and computer sciences to life and physical sciences. It is rare for a theorist to do an experiment (and vice versa) and for a chemist to do computation (and vice versa). So it is fun and rewarding for IRG members to gain some experience in the daily life of our colleagues. The workshops contain one 2-hour lab module that everyone takes, designed for the theorists to get their hands wet and contains one 2-hour computational module that everyone takes, designed for the experimentalists to experience analytic theory and computational modeling. The workshops culminate in a gathering to eat and drink together to celebrate a heightened understanding of the research of our colleagues in the IRG at the end of a pleasurable summer day! 

Images from Membrane IRG Workshop - August 4, 2017

 Images from 2017 Membrane workshop

Images from Active Matter IRG Workshop - February 20, 2013

 2013 Active Matter workshop

Images to and links from BZ Workshop IRG Workshop - July 13, 2011