2015 Undergraduates

Group picture of the 2015 Undergraduates

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Andrea Demos
Saint Michael's College

Effects of Caffeine on Rad53 Phosphorylation after DNA Damage

Chunlong Huang
Bunker Hill Community College

Phase Separation of Oppositely Chiral Rods in Colloidal Membranes

Anna Kolstad
Princeton University

Phase Response of Oscillating BZ Droplets to Light Perturbations with Varying Ru(bpy)2 2+ Concentrations

Ariel Morley
Bay Path University

Understanding the Relationship Between Retromer and Disease Associated Proteins at the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction

Tarik Phillips
University of Florida

Self-Assembly of Multidimensional Colloidal Structures by Tuning Osmotic Pressure and Constituent Particle Ratios

Devon Powell
New College of Florida

Are You Gellin’? Exploring Cancer Therapy with Hydrogels

Molly Srour
St. Olaf College

Reconstitution of Accelerated Steady-State Actin Treadmilling in vitro

Rebecca Sternberg
Brandeis University

Incorporation of Pt And Pd Pincer Complexes Into Metal/Organic Frameworks for Heterogeneous Catalysis