Chat with an Advocate

PARC advocates are available to chat from 12-5 p.m. Monday-Friday any day classes are in session. You may also request a chat by appointment outside of these hours by emailing

All conversations you have with an advocate in chat are confidential. The only limits to our confidentiality are if you express substantial risk of suicide, express substantial risk of homicide or share with us information about ongoing abuse of a minor (under 18), elder abuse (60+) or abuse of a person with an intellectual disability (as defined by Massachusetts law). You can choose to share as much or as little as you'd like with the advocate.

Want to speak with a specific advocate? Explore their bios to learn more about them, including their typical office hours. 

On your phone? The Chatbox is most accessible on your computer, but you can reach the Chatbox by text message, instead!

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To help get started...

Not sure where to start the conversation? Below are some ideas of what we could talk about. Every idea on this tool is optional, and we can talk about things not on this list, too!

Emotional safety, such as...

  • I just want to talk
  • grounding and/or coping skills
  • referrals to ongoing therapy (on or off campus)
  • the emotional safety of a friend, family member, classmate, or anyone else

Physical safety, such as...

  • my physical safety of myself or someone else
  • information about seeking immediate medical care
  • changing my room, suite, or apartment
  • a way to formally keep someone away from me, like a No Contact Order

Academics, such as...

  • classes or assignments I’ve missed/failed because of what I’ve experienced
  • a financial issue related to what I have experienced

Reporting, such as...

  • what it might look like to report to the Office of Equal Opportunity
  • what it might look like to report to the police

Resources, such as...

  • other on-campus or off-campus resources that might help me
  • books, websites, or other information for myself or a friend