Get Support Related to Sexual Assault

If you have experienced sexual assault, here are some options for what you can do next:

Tips for your immediate safety & well-being
  • If you can, get to a safe (or safer) place. Consider calling someone that cares about you to talk to you or come be with you. Remember, PARC always has an advocate available to you via our 24/7 hotline: 781-736-3370.

  • If you feel unsafe, consider contacting Public Safety at 781-736-3333 to get emergency assistance.

If you are interested in reporting:
  • If you want to report or think you might want to report later, saving evidence now is important. You can choose to receive a "SANE" exam performed at a nearby hospital by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.). Evidence collection, pregnancy, and STI prevention are most effective soonest, so getting your exam within 48 hours of the assault is the ideal time frame. However, evidence can be collected over a week later in some cases. What is most important is you getting the medical care that you need, so even if it has been longer you can still get an exam. If you can, it’s best to avoid using the restroom, changing clothes, combing your hair, cleaning up the place where it happened, or even showering or bathing before arrival.  If you have any evidence you want to show the police or your health care provider, place it in a paper, not plastic, bag. The exam will take about 3-4 hours and will involve collecting medical history, conducting a detailed medical examination, and speaking to you about treatment options for things such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), prophylaxis, and emergency contraception. You have the right to accept or decline any or all parts of the exam and the cost will be covered (so you don't have to worry about paying for it or having an insurance bill mailed afterward). You are not required to speak with the police if you get a SANE exam, but you will have the option to; you can also decide to speak with them later, instead, or not at all!

  • You can file a Sexual Misconduct Report with Brandeis University's Office of Title IX. If you do not want your identity attached to your report, you can report anonymously through the Anonymous Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.

  • You can also file a report with Public Safety or with the police department of the local jurisdiction in which the assault occurred. This can be in addition to filing a report with Brandeis or instead of filing a report with Brandeis. 

  • You can also decide not to file this report (now or ever). No one should make you file a report if you don't want to. 

If you are interested in accommodations to keep you safer on campus:

Whether you choose to report or not, you can request accommodations (also known as "interim measures" with the Office of Title IX) to help you stay safe and successful on campus either during an investigation or just in moving forward. You can ask for help with these from your Advocate in PARC, the Case Manager in Title IX, or directly with the contact office listed. Examples of things you might find helpful:

  • Temporary or permanent Brandeis housing assignment change.

  • Alteration of, or removal of, university directory information.

  • University No Contact Orders or court-issued restraining orders (to ensure that shared classes or other shared experiences are avoided).

  • Assistance with explanation of and transportation to local law enforcement for reporting purposes (for example, filing a report with Waltham Police or the Waltham District Court).

  • Guidance from Academic Services at 781-736-3470, which can help you communicate with faculty and to keep up your academic obligations through tutoring and other academic resources, planning meetings, and academic advising.

  • For graduate students, additional support for navigating coursework and other responsibilities is available from Graduate Student Affairs at 781-736-3547.

  • Assistance with referrals to on-campus or off-campus physical or psychological health resources.

  • Assistance with transportation to, and explanation of, municipal report filing (for example, Waltham Police or Waltham District Court/assistant district attorney’s office).

  • Assistance with immigration and visa issues.