Professional Staff

Kate Richey
Kate Richey
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Kate completed her BA at Carleton College and her MA in mental health counseling at Boston College. She has worked in sexual violence prevention and response in higher education for the last 10 years.

As an advocate, Kate works to center the survivor experience and support students in an empathic, collaborative and non-judgmental way. As a preventionist, she seeks to meet community members where they are in their understanding of sexual and relationship violence, and she hopes to help everyone see how they can make a difference in the anti-violence movement.

Outside of Brandeis, you can typically find Kate exploring local playgrounds and parks with her toddler.

Becca Van Spall-Hood
Becca Van Spall-Hood
Violence Prevention Specialist & Survivor Advocate
Pronouns: Any pronouns

Becca is originally from Connecticut and uses any pronouns (they/he/she). They graduated from Lasell University with a bachelor's in psychology and criminal justice and are pursuing a master's degree in social work and trauma.

Since graduating, Becca has worked at dual sexual and domestic violence agencies as both a professional and a volunteer. They are passionate about prevention education, restorative justice and student-lead programming.

Outside of work, they love reading, coffee, days with sunshine and spending time with their two cats!

Meet with a PARC professional staff advocate

Kate and Becca are confidential resources on campus and are available to support undergraduate and graduate students in person, via Zoom and over the phone. You may book a meeting online or email Kate or Becca directly to find a time to meet.