Marcus T. Grisaru

marcus grisaru

Professor of Physics, Emeritus


PhD, Princeton University, 1958


Marcus Grisaru is presently involved in research projects in the areas of elementary particle theory and quantum gravity. He is working on properties of supersymmetric field theories, and on aspects of supergravity. He is also studying string theories and general two-dimensional models, and their quantum properties.

Sample of Recent Publications

"A Critical Behaviour of Anomalous Currents, Electric-Magnetic Universality and CFT_4 '' (with D. Anselmi and A. Johansen) Nucl. Phys. B491 (1997) 221-248

"Effective Kähler Potentials'' (with M. Rocek and R. von Unge), Phys. Lett. B383 (1996) 415-421

"The N=2 Super Yang-Mills Low-Energy Effective Action at Two Loops" (with A. De Giovanni, M. Rocek, R. von Unge and D. Zanon) Phys. Lett. B409 (1997) 251

"The Quantum Geometry of N=(2,2) Nonlinear Sigma Models" (with M. Massar, A. Sevrin and J. Troost) Phys. Lett. B412 (1997) 53

"A Superspace Normal Coordinate Derivation of the Density Formula" (with M.E. Knutt-Wehlau and W. Siegel) Nucl. Phys. B523 (1998) 203

"Nonperturbative Formulas for Central Functions of Supersymmetric Gauge Theories" (with D. Anselmi, D.Z. Freeman and A. Johansen) Nucl. Phys. B526 (1998) 543