Albion Lawrence

albion lawrenceProfessor of Physics


PhD, University of Chicago, 1996


Albion Lawrence's research includes both the general structure and behavior of quantum field theories and string theory, and applications of these results to problems in particle physics, cosmology, and quantum gravity.


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Recent PhD Students

  • Nathaniel Reden (2014) "On Multidimensional Quantum Tunneling and Vacuum Bubble Nucleation"
    Present Position: Teaching, Physics and Calculus, CATS Academy, Newton MA
  • Tobias Sander (2007) "Torsion and Soft SUSY Breaking" Present Position: Financial Consultant, d-fine GmbH, Germany

Sample of Recent Publications

"Entanglement shadows in LLM geometries", by Vijay BalasubramanianAlbion LawrenceAndrew RolphSimon Ross.

"Metastability and Instability in Holographic Gauge Theories", by Matthew Kleban, Albion Lawrence, Matthew M Roberts, and Stefano Storace.

"Holographic Interpretations of the Renormalization Group" Vijay Balasubramanian, Monica Guica, Albion Lawrence. Journal of High Energy Physics.

"Bose-Fermi duality and entanglement entropies" Matthew Headrick, Albion Lawrence, Matthew M. Roberts, Journal of Statistical Mechanics.

"Axion Monodromy in a Model of Holographic Gluodynamics" by Sergei Dubovsky, Albion Lawrence, and Matthew Roberts, Journal of High Energy Physics.

"An Ignoble Approach to Large Field Inflation" by Nemanja Kaloper, Albion Lawrence, and Lorenzo Sorbo, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 1103 (2011) 023.

"Insightful D-branes" by Gary Horowitz, Albion Lawrence, and Eva Silverstein, J. High Energy Phys. 0907:057 (2009).