Howard J. Schnitzer

howard schnitzerEdward and Gertrude Swartz Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus


PhD, University of Rochester, 1960


Professor Howard Schnitzer is engaged in research in string theory, supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory, N=8 supergravity, Regge theory, and other aspects of quantum field theory.

High-Energy Gravitational Group website   CV and list of publications (pdf)

Sample of Recent Publications

Subleading-color contributions to gluon-gluon scattering in N=4 SYM theory and relations to N=8 supergravity” (with S. G. Naculich and H. Nastase) JHEP 0811, 018 (2008).

“Higgs-regularized three-loop four-gluon amplitude in N=4 SYM: exponentiation and Regge limits” H.J.Schnitzer (with J. Henn, S. G. Naculich, and M.Spradlin), JHEP 1004:038, (2010)
(45 pages) (2010).

“More loops and legs in Higgs-regulated N=4 SYM amplitudes” (with J. Henn, S. G. Naculich, and M.Spradlin), (2010) (34 pages) JHEP 1008.002 (2010).

“Eikonal methods applied to gravitational scattering amplitudes(with S.G. Naculich), (2011) (16 pages) JHEP 1105:087 (2011).

One-loop SYM-supergravity relation for five-point amplitudes” (with S.G. Naculich), JHEP 11112:001 (2011).

“The Multi-Regge limit of NMHV Amplitudes in N=4 SYM Theory” (with L. Lipatov and A. Prygarin) (2012).