Courses and Credit

Course Approval Guidelines

Any course taken for credit on an approved summer study abroad program must meet the following criteria:

For any questions on course approval please make an appointment with an advisor in Study Abroad.

Internship Credit

Internships that are completed on an approved summer study abroad program may be eligible for Brandeis credit. If you would like to receive credit for an internship abroad during the summer, please make sure that you bring your course work and papers back to Brandeis. You may need to provide these documents to our office in order to receive Brandeis University credit.

In addition to summer study abroad programs, students may want to speak to the Hiatt Career Center about other non-credit bearing internship opportunities.

Summer Courses Taken at a University in the United States

If you would like to get Brandeis credit for summer study at an American university or program here in the United States, you should speak with the Office of the Registrar.