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Resources and Information for Students Abroad

Students in Melbourne, Australia

Study Abroad Learning Content & Credit Policy Agreement

You can access the Study Abroad Learning Content in your Brandeis Study Abroad Account. The Learning Content and the Credit Policy Agreement are your contract with Brandeis for all policies and information needed to have a successful time away. Please take a moment to review any questions you have with the information shared in these documents. Many of the most commonly asked questions can be found here. 

If you still have questions, please contact a member of the Study Abroad staff who are happy to help make your time away the best that it can be! 

News/ Announcements for those Abroad

Study Abroad News/ Announcements are delivered via your online Study Abroad Account. If you use an email other than your Brandeis email, please add the other email to your online account on your main account page after logging in. This will ensure that you get the email to your Brandeis and preferred email accounts.

How to Get a Brandeis Transcript While Abroad

Brandeis University students seeking a copy of their Brandeis University transcript for summer jobs, scholarships, etc. should contact the Office of the Registrar.

Transfer of Credit For Work Done Abroad

Prior to leaving your program abroad it is imperative that you order at least ONE copy of your Official Transcript to be sent to the Office of Study Abroad:

J. Scott Van Der Meid
Brandeis University
Office of Study Abroad
415 South Street
MS 073, Usdan 169
Waltham, MA 02454-9110 USA

If you are planning to apply to graduate school, please remember that your Brandeis transcript does NOT show your grades for study abroad. You will have to provide copies of both your Brandeis transcript and your study abroad transcript with every graduate school application.

If you are directly enrolled in a foreign university, additional individually-sealed official transcripts may be sent to the same address to be kept on file until you need them to be sent to graduate, law or medical schools.

If you are abroad through an American-based program you can order original transcripts on an as needed basis to be sent directly from the American sponsor institution.