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1Pololi L, Evans A, Civian J, Shea S, Brennan R. Assessing the Culture of Residency Using the C - Change Resident Survey: Validity Evidence in 34 U.S. Residency Programs. J General Internal Medicine. 2017;32:783-789. doi:10.1007/s11606-017-4038-6.

2Kohli AR. Capsule commentary on Pololi et al., Assessing the culture of residency using the C-Change resident survey: Validity evidence in 34 US residency programs. J Gen Intern Med. 2017; ;32:799. doi:10.1007/s11606-017-4056-4.


Residents’ Perceptions of the Clinical Learning Environment and Professionalism in 14 representative US Academic Health Centers. Presented at the 2016 ACGME Annual Educational Conference. February, 2016

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C - Change Resident Survey

Leaders in resident training have recently recognized the critical role that the culture or clinical learning environment plays in the training of physicians, their well-being, and the provision of safe, high quality patient care. The C - Change Resident Survey© assesses the clinical learning environment and the culture of professionalism from the perspective of resident physicians. The survey directly aligns with the new ACGME Pathway.

The C - Change Resident Survey, with demonstrated evidence of validity1 in U.S. residency programs nationally, assesses 13 dimensions of the culture: Vitality, Relationships/Inclusion/Trust, Self-Efficacy in Career Advancement, Values Alignment, Ethical Moral Distress, Institutional Support, Respect, Mentoring, Gender Equity, Minority Equity, Work-Life Integration, Leadership Aspirations and Competencies. In addition to documenting the culture of residency programs, the survey is a credible and powerful tool for facilitating improvement.2  The C - Change Resident Survey can be used to:

  • Document the environment for learning and professionalism of residents.
  • Examine associations among resident perceptions of the organizational culture and demographic characteristics such as gender, ethnicity/race, and year of residency training, program specialty and site.
  • Assess diversity needs.
  • Assess the effectiveness of programmatic interventions/changes.
  • Identify dimensions of culture requiring improvement.
  • Address well-being.
  • Initiate change activities for improvement.


The C - Change Resident Survey is offered on an institution-by-institution basis to best fit the needs of residency programs, GME and hospitals. The C - Change research team has developed a streamlined process to manage survey data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Services provided include:

  • Consultation on institutional needs.
  • Customization of the C - Change Resident Survey for the program.
  • Drafting announcements and cover communications.
  • Survey administration.
  • Reminders to achieve high response rates.
  • Management of e-mail communications with respondents.
  • Confidential data collection and storage.
  • Data analysis.
  • Reporting: summary report; detailed item report; scorecard.
  • Comparison with national benchmark data.