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National Initiative on Gender, Culture and Leadership in Medicine: C - Change

The National Initiative on Gender, Culture and Leadership in Medicine engages medical schools and academic health centers in action research promoting culture change. C - Change (for culture - change) aims for an inclusive, humanistic, relational, and energizing environment that helps all individual faculty and trainees reach their full potential and enhances diversity among those in leadership positions in academic medicine.

C - Change has over the years generated substantial qualitative and quantitative research data on the culture of academic medicine that is used by medical schools and academic health centers to facilitate many effective innovation and culture change initiatives.

C - Change Consultation Activities

C - Change offers services that assess the:

  • Organizational culture for faculty using the validated C - Change Faculty Survey. Provides direct comparison with extensive national normative data for the culture of academic health centers.
  • Learning environment and professionalism for medical students using the C - Change Medical Student Survey.
  • Clinical learning environment and professionalism for residents using the C - Change Resident Survey.
  • Culture regarding diversity issues.

C - Change also develops and implements practices to support culture change focusing on collaboration, inclusion and diversity, and mentoring in academic health centers.