Class Correspondent

This time around, our Class Notes request elicited only one response. Because it serves as an apt template for the experiences of so many of us, here is the entry in its entirety. The 63 years since our graduation have brought us many good things but also many losses. So our friend’s poignant but upbeat review of the years gone by will no doubt remind us of the ups and downs of our own lives.

Elliot Morrison, of Bend, Oregon, writes, “Just a quick note from the Northwest Territory to say hi to everyone. We octogenarians need to stay in touch with one another. Other than a recent pacemaker implant for a suddenly developed heart arrhythmia, I’m actually in pretty good health. My wife and I work out with a trainer a few times a week, and that, along with walking a couple of miles a day in our hilly neighborhood, keeps us vertical. Life now is about enjoying it as much as possible, as well as making sure we see our kids and grandkids frequently, although none of them lives nearby. I’m constantly impressed with the achievements and continued activities of so many of our classmates, as documented in Brandeis Magazine. I also try to stay in touch with the activities of the tennis team, which helps me remember my own time on the first team Brandeis fielded. We got a lot from Brandeis, and it stays with us.”

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