Class Correspondent

Barbara Hayes Buell is a trial lawyer specializing in medical malpractice defense and health-care regulatory law as well as some general practice. Her office is in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Her son, Zack, lives in New York City, where he is an actor, husband and father (not in that order). Suzie (Berk) Cohen retired after nearly 40 years of trying to improve criminal and juvenile corrections, particularly crime and delinquency prevention. She served as executive director and lobbyist for the California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association for 15 years, and later as an independent consultant. She enjoys hanging out with her children, grandchildren and friends; taking road trips with her husband, John; and volunteering. David Kann’s collection “The Language of the Farm” won first prize in the Five Oaks Press poetry chapbook competition. Bob Levin’s rememboir “Cheesesteak” has been published. Brandeis enters the picture on page 62 and continues through page 78. Marketing materials Ivan Levison produced in the early 1980s for Apple and Intel were recently acquired for the permanent collection of the Computer History Museum in California’s Silicon Valley. Stuart Paris, P’92, P’97, is the rabbi at New Synagogue of Long Island and president of All Faiths Seminary International. He has eight grandchildren. Steve Wangh recently taught acting in Yangon, Myanmar; Jenin, in the northern West Bank; and Plainfield, Massachusetts. He also led teacher-training workshops in NYC; LA; Long Beach, California; and Bangkok. His first grandchild, Claudia Sofia, was born on July 14, 2016, in Hong Kong.

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