Class Correspondent

Herb Gamberg co-authored “Marxism After Marx,” which chronicles and critiques the major political movements and parties that have arisen under the Marxism rubric. Anyone interested in an online copy should email him at He is interested in hearing what Brandeisians think about the ideas expressed in the book. Lionel Lober does armed-security contract work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and just completed a faith-based screenplay for an Australian production company. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has collected the work papers of Elaine Ostroff, P’80, G’13, for its first archive on universal design. A Smithsonian archivist came to Elaine’s home, and spent two days reviewing and packing 16 boxes of papers and publications. The archive opened to the public this fall. In September 2016, Naima Prevots took her twin 11-year-old grandsons and their mom to Paris and Seville for two weeks, staying with various friends and enjoying the excitement of the Euro Cup. She also contributed a chapter to a forthcoming book, “Bohemia in Southern California,” and is presenting research on Library of Congress materials at an international conference in Pomona, California. Evelyn Sheffres left her home on Cape Cod and moved to a retirement community in Carlsbad, California. She writes, “For almost 30 years, Wellfleet has been a wonderful place to call home, filled with creativity, good friends and many wonders of nature. I want to keep all those good friends, explore the West Coast and become a beach bum!”

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