Class Correspondent

Michelle Cohen writes that she and Michelle Fiddler “meet up as often as possible for lunch or hangouts. I had a dinner party, and Jim Eber, Steve Pacht, Perry Fishkind and Fiddler were in attendance. I also enjoyed a nosh and hangout with Phil Shaw and Peter Richman not that long ago. Finally, Lori Bring and I had a fantabulous meal (with hubbies) in Nyack, New York. All in all, I’m working hard to keep connections with our Class of 1989.” Melissa Hafter works on an education blog that suggests ways of helping kids with dyslexia, dysgraphia, Asperger’s and other learning differences succeed in school. She recently had a weekend visit with Alyssa Sanders, Steve Schulman, Robert Levy, Michelle Weisberg Cohen and Avner Shapiro. Melissa’s daughter spent the summer at Stanford. She saw Steve Goldin ’88 and Len Rosenberg while she was there, and Melissa spent time with Alex Skovronek and Aaron Greenberg ’88 while in New Jersey. Joel Hoffman, author of “In the Beginning” and “The Bible’s Cutting Room Floor,” welcomed the publication of his latest book, “The Bible Doesn’t Say That.” The book explores what the Bible says and how its messages have been so widely misunderstood. Melissa Misch still lives in Pepperell, Massachusetts, with her husband and two teenage children. She works as a customer-care manager at Masy BioServices. She enjoys seasonal-locavore living through her veggie garden, a flock of chickens and a turkey named Perdie.

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