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Admissions, Career Strategies, and Engagement

Micha Sabovik

Name Phone MS Office
Brehm, Geraldine Poskosh781-736-8541032Lemberg Academic Center 156
Fessenden, Frank781-736-8557MS 032Lemberg Academic Center L-153
Fryer, Catrina A.781-736-5207Ms 032Lemberg Academic Center
Gallagher, Kathleen781-736-8546032Lemberg Academic Center 153
Hackett, Winn
Hyslip, Gretchen781-736-4819032Lemberg Academic Center 148
Katz, Marcia G781-736-2734032Lemberg Academic Center 155
Khan, Mark I.781-736-8546032Lemberg Academic Center 153
McCann, Marika031
Outar, Jane Mahoney781-736-8548032Lemberg Academic Center 158
Rodriguez, Teresa781-736-2205032Lemberg Academic Center 150
Savely, Kristen Anne781-736-2233021147
Sheehan, Briana Rae781-736-8558032Lemberg Academic Center L-147
Siefers, Kristen781-736-2233MS 032Lemberg Academic Center L-149
Sugrue, Kelly Brookes781-736-2248032Lemberg Academic Center 151
Wasdyke, Rachel781-736-5209032Lemberg Academic Center L-155

Admissions, Career Strategies, and Engagement is a subdepartment of International Business School

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