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Barry B Snider, Chair
Location: Edison-Lecks Science Building
Mailstop: 015
Phone: 62500
Fax: 62516

Christine Thomas - 62576

Name Phone MS Office
Abubaker Kar, Aabir
Bullara, Domenico015
Cao, Xiaoyan015
Chen, Steven
Crandall, Alison M015
Dickie, Diane781-736-2534015Edison-Lecks Science Building 125
Fried, Caleb
Haburcak, Richard015
Hedayatifar, Leila015
Jang, Hwanjong015
Kanzaki, Yamato
Luo, Jisheng015
Marathias, Bill
McKnight, Jamie
Morales, Alfredo015
Pochapsky, Theodore
Shen, Zhe015
Varga, Krisztina
Wang, Huaimin015
Wang, Jiaqing015
Xiao, Yang
Xu, Xu
Zhan, Wenjun
Zheng, Chan


Location: Edison-Lecks Science Building
Mailstop: 015
Phone: 62500
Fax: 62516

Name Phone MS Office
Chan, Iu-Yam015121
Henchman, Michael J781-736-2558015Edison-Lecks Science Building 122
Hendrickson, James B015Edison-Lecks Science Building
Jordan, Peter781-736-2540015Edison-Lecks Science Building 115
Keehn, Philip781-736-2541015Edison-Lecks Science Building 308
Steel, Colin781-736-2536015Edison-Lecks Science Building 120
Stevenson, Robert781-736-2517015123
Tuttle, Thomas015Edison-Lecks Science Building


Thomas Christine - 62576

Name Phone MS Office
Deng, Li781-736-2529015Edison-Lecks Science Building 322
Dolnik, Milos781-736-2604015Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 00-11A
Epstein, Irving R781-736-2503015Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 3-09
Foxman, Bruce M781-736-2532015Edison-Lecks Science Building 118
Herzfeld, Judith781-736-2538015Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 3-06
Krauss, Isaac781-736-2574015Edison-Lecks Science Building 226
Mascall, Kristen781-736-2545015Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 08B
Novack, Claudia781-736-2582015Edison-Lecks Science Building 120
Peavey, Dwight G.015Rabb School 374
Petsko, Greg029Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center
Pochapsky, Susan S781-736-2543015Shapiro Science Center 03-07
Pochapsky, Thomas Charles781-736-2559015Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center 655
Ringe, Dagmar781-736-4902029Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center 654
Schmidt-Rohr, Klaus781-736-2520015Edison-Lecks Science Building 118A
Snider, Barry B781-736-2550015Edison-Lecks Science Building 225
Thomas, Christine M.781-736-2576015Edison-Lecks Science Building 307
Wade, Casey781-736-2827015Edison-Lecks Science Building 116
Xu, Bing781-736-5201015Edison-Lecks Science Building EL320

Laboratory and Research Staff

Name Phone MS Office
Koltov, Gary781-736-2575015Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 00-15
Vilenchik, Boris781-736-2575015Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 00-15

Postdoctoral Fellows

Franca, Urbano Jr. - 617-547-4100

Name Phone MS Office
Horiya, Satoru617-643-3349015
Horiya, Satoru617-643-3349015
Horvath, Viktor781-736-2504015Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 311
Toiya, Masahiro781-736-2542015Edison-Lecks Science Building


Name Phone MS Office
Hennelly, Meghan781-736-2501015Edison-Lecks Science Building 212A
Maurer, Courtney L781-736-2500015Edison-Lecks Science Building 211
Young, Justin781-736-2566015Edison-Lecks Science Building 109

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