Brandeis Rape Crisis Center - Welcome Video, found on Youtube at This video is an introduction to the Brandeis Rape Crisis Center (RCC). The RCC is located in the Usdan Student Center. Starting in the Usdan courtyard, the camera shows the path to the RCC. Entering the northwest door (the first door on your right with your back to Loop Road), take a sharp left and proceed to the end of a long corridor. The RCC is the last door on your right. [Brandeis student gives us a tour of the office.] Hi, welcome to the Brandeis Rape Crisis Center. I'll show you around the space. Here we have our bookshelf. As you can see we have lots of books that students can check out at any time. On our second shelf here, we have a number of grounding materials for self care. We have coloring book pages and stress balls. On our top shelf we have a variety of brochures. One of them is for the RCC itself, some have general information, and the rest are for outside organizations. We also have business cards from representatives of outside organizations as well. Then if you step over to our center table we have our purple survivors guide, this has on and off campus resources. For the on campus resources you can find out in here which ones are confidential and which ones are non confidential. To the right we have our student Rights and Responsibilities handbook. A student can come to the RCC for any reason: you can talk to a peer advocate or you can study and relax here too. We always have water, tea, and snacks. If you have any additional questions or want some additional support you can always go to Julia Rickey right next door. [student points to the office directly preceding the RCC in the corridor] [Camera pans to the office that was just mentioned. A hand knocks on the door and Julia Rickey opens it and gestures warmly. There are comfortable couches in a cozy lounge area.] [Julia sits on the couch and speaks.] Thank you so much for coming! Hi, I'm Julia Rickey, I'm the survivor advocate here at Brandeis, I wanted to welcome you into my office so you can check out the space. So here is where I meet with survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, and stalking to explore what options there are for their individual healing processes. As a confidential resource on campus I can explore reporting options, or not. We can talk about on campus resources, or off campus resources. I can also help with managing symptoms. A lot of times survivors will talk about difficulty falling asleep or concentrating in class. Together we can discuss what strategies feel like the best fit for them. As a confidential resource I can help connect students to different departments on campus to get their needs met. Whether that's DCL, or Academic Services, I can help connect students to the right staff member and they don't have to share detailed information, and it doesn't need to be reported to Title IX, they can only talk, or they can choose to talk with a staff person about what accommodations are available and the best fit for them. Last but not least I'd like to acknowledge that I get to support survivors as well as supporters of survivors. If you're concerned for a friend, or a student, I'm here to help them, and you. [end slide] Come visit us in Usdan G-108 Mon-Fri noon-5pm. Or call the RCC hotline 24/7 at 781-736-3370.