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For questions regarding course planning and scheduling contact Andrew Marx or Janet Driscoll.

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Planning and Scheduling for Future Academic Years

At the beginning of every academic year we ask departments and programs to start planning for the next academic year. The planning includes both changes to the major/minor and degree requirements, as well as planning specific course offerings in both fall and spring of the upcoming academic year.

Course schedules for the full upcoming academic year are typically due on the first day of December. Specific information on how to submit course schedules and block requests is available using the links below.

Changes to the major/minor and degree requirements, along with additions to the course catalog are typically submitted in the spring of the prior year. Many requirement changes need to be approved the UCC and all new courses are approved by the Dean of Arts and Sciences before being added into the University Bulletin. Specific information on how to submit new course approvals is available using the links below.


Supporting Materials

The following pdf files can be read with Adobe Reader.


Submission Calendar/Key Dates (updated 2015-2016)

Course Scheduling and Compliance

Instructions: Submitting Course Schedule (updated 2015-2016)

Block Chart

Form 2A: Schedule Compliance Checklist (updated 2015-2016)

Rules Governing Course Scheduling (updated 2015-2016)

IBS Block Planner

Studio Block Planner

Language Block Planner

Bulletin Revisions and New Course Approvals

Instructions: Submitting Bulletin Revisions (updated 2015-2016)

New Course Approval Form (updated 2015-2016)

Syllabi and Course Development Recommended Guidelines: Syllabus Checklist


Additional Resources

LATTE resources

Instructions for Uploading your Syllabus (LATTE feature)

Prior Term Enrollment Histories

MAAX: Course Schedule Submission Tool


MTS classroom instruction

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