Club Leader Handbook

Brandeis Administration has created the Club Leader Handbook for students in club leadership position, providing information and resources necessary to support programming and leadership development at Brandeis.

Leadership Opportunities

Brandeis University students are provided with a vast range of leadership opportunities across the campus. Below, is a list of some of these opportunities, along with the number of positions that are usually available. 

Department of Orientation

  • 2018 Orientation CORE Committee Members: 4

  • Total Orientation Leaders: 95 (varied)

  • 2018 Midyear CORE Committee Members: 3-4

  • 2018 Midyear Orientation Leaders: 20 (Varied)

Student Service Bureau

  • Staff Members: 6-8

Student Production Services

  • Coordinators: 2

  • Assistant Coordinators: 2

Campus Activities Board

  • Executive Board Members: 9

Student Union

  • Executive Board Members: 13

  • Senate Members: 22

  • Allocations Board Members: 11

  • Judiciary Members: 2

  • Treasury Members: 10

Undergraduate Departmental Representative Program

  • Council Members: 3

  • Representatives in all Departments: 138

Brandeis Beacons

  • Members: 76

Hiatt Career Center

  • Hiatt Advisors: 10

Department of Community Living

  • Community Advisors Midyear (2019): Dependent on vacant positions

Department of Community Service

Intercultural Center

  • Executive Board Membership for various clubs

International Students and Scholars Office

  • Student Ambassadors: 4

  • Student Hosts: Depends on the number of applicants

Brandeis National Committee

  • Student Ambassadors: 4-5

DEIS Impact, Festival of Social Justice

Rape Crisis Center

  • Advocates: 17


Academic Services:

Office of Study Abroad

  • Study Abroad Ambassador: 13-14