Community Engaged Leader Series

The Community Engaged Leader Series (CELS) is a program geared toward new community service club executive board members, Waltham Group coordinators-in-training, Waltham Group coordinators in their first year of coordinating. This will be required for all new Waltham Group coordinators-in-training. These sessions can be logged under coordination/training for the Commitment to Service Award Program.

Each participant in CELS will:

  • Gain knowledge about each of the five program competency areas (Identity & Community Voice, Training and Reflection, Assessment and Impact, Active Civic Engagement & Volunteer Engagement) for Waltham Group programs and community service clubs and be able to apply that knowledge to their respective programs/clubs.

  • Develop teamwork skills with each other and get to know one another, opening pathways for future collaboration and growing professionally.

  • Become better prepared to serve as community engaged leaders of their programs/clubs.

Each session will include participant discussion, a brief presentation by a guest presenter or a video, team builder time, and a debrief related to that week's topic. All sessions will be facilitated by staff, faculty, or student facilitators.