Senior Faculty Research Semester

The deadline to be considered for fall semester 2024 or the spring semester of 2025 is Friday, Nov. 3, 2023.

These competitive awards provide tenured faculty in the divisions of Creative Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences in the School of Arts and Sciences with a nonteaching semester and research funds to allow them to focus on a scholarly or creative focus. Recipients are expected to maintain their normal service and advising duties and be in residence, except for periods of research-related travel. The senior faculty research semester can be taken between earned sabbaticals or may be paired with an unpaid leave or sabbatical to create a nonteaching year; however, configurations that result in three consecutive nonteaching semesters will not be considered. Priority in selection is given to associate professors, faculty who have not previously received a senior faculty research semester, and those who have completed significant service to the university. Applicants may request a research fund (up to $3K) for travel or other necessary research support that would be available during the research semester. A brief summary of the work accomplished will be required at the end of the research semester.

Application Details

To apply, please email Kayla Whitehurst the following items by no later than Friday, Nov. 3, 2023:

  1. A brief (two to three page) research plan for the semester (please specify spring or fall) describing what you propose to accomplish during the research semester. Please make clear the current status of the project and how far you anticipate getting during the research semester — e.g., is this a new effort that will continue after the research semester or a project that is currently underway and will probably reach completion.
  2. A list of courses, if any, that you believe would need to be replaced.
  3. An endorsement from the chair of your department of your plan to take a research semester.
  4. A budget and justification for any additional funding requested.
  5. A list of any leaves taken since fall 2016, and the date of your next scheduled sabbatical.
The Dean works with the Division Heads to select the successful proposals, which will be announced at the end of the semester.  Please keep in mind that your proposal will be read by an interdisciplinary group, so it should state your research aims in terms understandable to a general audience. We encourage you to ask colleagues to comment on an early draft.

Past Recipients

  • Leah Gordon (EDU)
  • Darlene Brooks Hedstrom (NEJS)
  • Jonathan Unglaub (FA)
  • Govind Sreenivasan (HIS)
  • Anjaria, Jonathan (ANTH)
  • Sara Mayorga (SOC)
  • Kate Moran (PHIL)
  • Joe Wardwell (FA)
  • Erin Gee (MUS)
  • Hannah Muller (HIS)
  • Maura Farrelly (AMST)
  • Aida Wong (FA)
  • Tory Fair (FA)
  • Jill Greenlee (POL)
  • Carina Ray (AAAS)
  • David Sherman (ENG)
  • Tom King (ENG)
  • Jytte Klausen (POL)
  • Ilana Szobel (NEJS)
  • Javier Urcid (ANTH)
  • Brian Donahue (AMST)
  • Jonathan Decter (NEJS)
  • Sarah Lamb (ANTH)
  • James Mandrell (ROMS)
  • Kerry Chase (POL)
  • Elizabeth Ferry (ANTH)
  • Laura Quinney (ENG)
  • Arthur Holmberg (THA)
  • Wendy Cadge (SOC)
  • William Flesch (ENG)
  • Harleen Singh (GRALL)
  • Palle Yourgrau (PHIL)
  • Charles Golden (ANTH)
  • Paul Jankowski (HIST)
  • Charles McClendon (FA)
  • David Powelstock (GRALL)