Past Fellows and Projects

The Department of Classical and Early Mediterranean Studies is pleased to present the work of the past CLARC Fellows, Ben Federlin, Charlotte Padden Noam Sienna, and Rachel Berman-Vaporis as some examples of past research.

Roman Glass

Ben Federlin ’13 and Charlotte Padden ’11 were interns at the Classical Studies Artifact Research Collection (CLARC) in 2011. Supervised by Professor Koloski-Ostrow, the students worked with a private collection of Roman glass pieces, donated by Jennifer Stern. The pieces had yet to be dated or assigned a provenance. By the end of their research, they were able to assign tentative dates/locations to a 2nd century C.E. Palestinian green glass jar, a 2nd century CE rolled lip bowl (likely from Palestine), glass jars from 150-250 C.E. with varying provenances, and a 4th century C.E. glass vial from Palestine.

Representations of Beauty

Noam Sienna and Rachel Berman-Vaporis researched artifacts in the collection that were a representation of different forms of beauty.

These Classical and Hellenistic artifacts drew on many Mediterranean styles, including Egyptian, proving that ideals of beauty were an ever shifting phenomenon. Objects studied include a terracotta head, a stone figurine, a mirror handle, a glazed face, and a clay angel.