Education Program

Elementary Public and Jewish Day Schools: Student Teaching Internship “Ramp” of Gradual Increase/Release of Responsibility

Revised June 2018

  • Mentor gradually releases responsibility from modeling, to joint practice, to guiding practice, to side coaching and observation.

  • Intern gradually increases responsibility from observation, to joint practice, to guided practice, to independent practice.


  • During designated planning time, Mentor leads; Intern inquires.

  • Intern observes and assists instruction and management.

  • Intern completes observations for course assignments.

  • Intern teaches individuals and small groups.

  • Intern leads 1-2 other classroom activities (e.g., morning meeting, read-aloud, etc.).


All previous activities PLUS:

  • Intern and Mentor co-plan and co-teach in each subject at least 2 times per week.

  • Intern takes charge of classroom for short periods of time (planned and unplanned).

  • Intern solo teaches a series of lessons over 2-3 days in one subject area.


  • During designated planning time, Intern and Mentor co-plan.

  • Choose a path for increasing responsibility:

    • Intensive focus on teaching 1-2 subjects at a time; assist in other subjects.

    • Intern teaches 3-5 lessons per week for ALL subjects and assists in other lessons.

  • Intern leads 3-4 "other classroom activities" (i.e., morning meeting, read-aloud).


  • During designated planning times, Intern leads; Mentor inquires.

  • Before lead teaching week(s), all Interns teach 1-3 full days per week.

  • Intern lead teaches without Mentor (except in mandated co-teaching circumstances).