Education Program

Secondary Public and Jewish Day Schools: Student Teaching Internship “Ramp” of Gradual Increase/Release of Responsibility

Revised June 2018

  • Mentor gradually releases responsibility from modeling, to joint practice, to guiding practice, to side coaching and observation.

  • Intern gradually increases responsibility from observation, to joint practice, to guided practice, to independent practice.


  • During designated planning time, Mentor leads; Intern inquires.

  • Intern completes observation assignments for coursework.

  • Intern works with small groups and individuals.

  • Intern assists with classroom routines.

  • Intern introduces/gives instructions for tasks designed by Mentor.

  • “Watch one; Teach one” — Intern observes/debriefs Mentor teaching a

    lesson and teaches that lesson during another class period.


All previous activities PLUS:

  • During designated planning time, Mentor mostly leads; Intern contributes and inquires.

  • With Mentor guidance, Intern plans and implements some of his/her own lessons.

  • Intern often co-teaches Mentor’s lessons.

  • Mentor models assessment practices and guides Intern’s development of pre-assessments.


  • During designated planning time, Intern and Mentor co-plan.

  • Intern implements co-planned and independently planned lessons for the two designated class periods for which Intern will eventually take full responsibility.

  • Intern co-designs and responds to student assessments (with guidance).


  • Intern takes “full responsibility” for one class period by the end of January, including: planning, instruction and assessment.

  • Intern takes full responsibility for an additional class period by the end of February.

  • Intern lead teaches without Mentor (except in mandated co-teaching circumstances).

  • During designated planning times, Intern leads; Mentor inquires.