Education Program

Advanced Graduate Study (AGS) Program at a Glance

Summer 1 

  • Understanding and Improving Classroom Teaching and Learning

  • School Culture, Organization and Change

Fall 1 

  • Using Data to Drive School Improvement

  • Practicum in Teacher Leadership 

Spring 1 

  • Core Practices of Teacher Leadership

  • Practicum in Teacher Leadership 

Summer 2 

  • Principles and Practices of Professional Development

  • Leadership, Authority and School Change

Alumni Spotlight

Headshot of Evan Haine-Roberts

Prior to coming to Brandeis, Evan studied postmodern literature and creative writing at Carleton College and was a David Delaney Teacher Fellow at the Edmund Burke School in Washington D.C.  Evan had already been teaching for 6 years before coming to Brandeis but he says that he didn’t really commit to the idea of being a teacher as his career until after his first summer in the Teacher Leadership Program. “I was interested in the program because it offered educational training to strengthen the shaky middle ground between administrators and classroom teachers.” While he wanted to continue teaching English literature to middle students, he also wanted to be an agent of change in his school.