Selected Theses and Essays


Lindsey Odorizzi

Tell Me What This Is

A collection of five short stories about relationships that don't fit neatly into their boxes, whether it be friendship, family, or something in-between. The narrators all observe the world around them with a keen eye while struggling to understand themselves and their own desires.


Lily Darling

Not Forgiveness, but Something Close

A collection of short stories told from the perspective of flawed narrators reckoning with the beauty of human connection and resiliency.


Nico Léger

Identified patient

This poetry collection works toward subverting and making new meanings of familiar fairytales, subsets of pop culture, and daily life under consumer capitalism. These culturally-bound narratives emerge as erasing and splitting the speaker's self-identity, complicating girlhood, grief, and loss. Shadowed by projections of mental illness and insanity, these poems experience the normalization of gendered violence as it presents the need for transformation.

Lissa Sangree-Calabrese

"Knight in the Rear-View Mirror" 

This honors project poetry collection welds together the world of Arthurian literature and of the modern-day to explore close friendship, family, and how stories are retold.

Mendel Weintraub

Sanctification (Screenplay)

Dovid Greenfield, a 19-year-old Orthodox Jewish man, comes to terms with his sexuality in the wake of a family wedding, and major developments in the American gay rights movement in the summer of 2015.


Abby Berkower

"Kainan na! (Time to Eat)"

Kevin Costa

"An Ocean Wide Enough"

Tafara Gava

"The Philosophers Widow"

Nicole Zador

"The Family Myth"


Rebecca Kahn

“Daughter Of”

My Senior Creative Writing Honors Project was a collection of poetry about my ever-shifting self-identity as a female Jewish American navigating anti-Semitism, familial and personal relationships, and the experience of leaving home. I have lovingly called it a “self portrait” of my life as a college student looking back on the most formative years of my life to date. 


Dylan Hoffman

"Sweet Oklahoma Water and Other Stories" 

A collection of stories about how our childhood shape us, and whether we can transcend those limits to discover new identities.