Courses only fulfill the requirement under which they are listed. See the full course listing. For other restrictions, please see the section "Special Notes Relating to Undergraduates" in the Bulletin.

Major Requirements

English Major


  • Two Pre-1800 courses

  • Two Post-1800 courses

  • One course from each of these three categories:

    • Literary Theory

    • Media/Film

    • Multicultural/World Anglophone

  • Three elective courses

  • At least two of the above courses must be 100-level courses (excluding courses ending in 9).

Incoming Fall 2019 Class

Beginning with the fall 2019 class, English majors will need to fulfill the following Foundational Literacies within the major through the requirements listed above.

Minor Requirements

English Minor
  • Five English courses

  • Transfer credits, Advance Placement credit, and cross-listed courses do not count toward the minor. Students are encouraged speak with the Undergraduate Advising Head or their faculty advisor about clustering or distributing courses counted toward the minor.