Alumni Profiles

Graduates of the Department of English pursue a wide variety of fields after Brandeis — our alumni are professors, professionals, and more. Below are profiles from our BA program alumni.
Elisa Albert

Author and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Columbia University.

Attending Harvard Law School with the goal of becoming a public interest lawyer.

Esther Bley with panda statues

Founder of Queer Animation, archivist, historian, researcher, and MLS graduate.


TikTok creator, author

Peter Diamond

An English PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ben Fong
A PhD student in comparative literature at UC Davis.
Abigail Gardener

Content Marketing Specialist at a law firm in Manhattan.

Matan Gold
Works for local government in Portland, Oregon where he does community engagement for the Parks and Nature department.
Caroline Greaney

Assistant Editor at National Geographic Learning, a subsidiary of Cengage Learning focused on English Language Teaching publishing.

Jackson Holbert

Stegner Fellow, Stanford University.

Angela Howes

Editor and Co-Founder of Bass River Press; Owner of freelance editing business, Fine Tuned Editing; Young Adult librarian; and author.

Rebecca Kahn

Associate Regional Director of Jewish Enrichment for BBYO Ohio Northern Region.

Literacy teacher.

Ethan Miller

Secondary school English teacher.

Rachel Moore

Editorial assistant at Palgrave Macmillan.

Prudence Ross

English PhD Student at Brown University.

Julia Tejblum
Faculty member in the Harvard Writing Program and the Writing Director for Humanities 10: A Humanities Colloquium.
Dan Truong
Assistant Director of Communications for an elected official at the Massachusetts State House.
Victoria Wiet
Lecturer at Harvard University.
Julie Zong
Associate in the San Francisco, California office of Jackson Lewis P.C.