Friends of HBI

Make a gift of $180 and join Friends of HBI as we launch our #180to180 Campaign to sustain and share HBI's work.

Students talking around a tableHBI is proud to bring 50 free programs to you this year. Through scholarship, author talks, and art we are nurturing your interest at the intersection of Jewish studies and women’s and gender studies. Moving to a Zoom platform allowed us to fade our geographic boundaries and bring our programs to so many more of you.

While HBI’s programs are free, they are made possible through gifts from generous donors like yourself. We are thrilled to honor our Friends of HBI by displaying your names virtually on our Friends of HBI web page.

Become a Friend of HBI or contact Amy Powell to continue the conversation.

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Friends of HBI

Ms. Jenny Altschuler

Ms. Lynne Avadenka

Ms. Jacqueline P. Baer

Ms. Colette B. Bakalarz

Ms. Rachel Barenbaum

Dr. Robert M. Bayer

Ms. Deborah Freedman Belt

Ms. Susan Bley

Mr. Grant Brandon

Mrs. Miriam L. Brown

Mr. Gil Preuss and Ms. Terri Brown Preuss

Mr & Mrs. Claire and Daniel B. Caine

Mrs. Ellen Calmas

Talia Carner and Ron Carner

Ms. Robin Clebnik

Sharon Cohen

Ms. Judith Dunn

Ms. Frances Y. Feldman and Mr. Gary Feldman

Ms. Judi Finkelstein

Ms. Janet L. Freedman

Mrs. Ruthanne Fuller

Mrs. Leslie Gaffin

Mrs. Susan Gesundheit

Dr. Ellen S. Golub

Mrs. Sue Ellen Gotz

Ofra Greenberg, PhD

Ms. Jessica R. Grosman

Dr. Barbara Wallace Grossman and Mr. Steven Grossman

Dr. Phyllis Hammer

Ms. Viva Hammer

Mrs. Hinda Haskell

Dr. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe

Mrs. Aileen Walborsky Josephs

Dr. Ellen Kornmehl

Ms. Pnina Lahav

Ms. Diane Lederman

Mr & Mrs. Sid and Nancy Lejfer

Dr. Tobe Levin

Mr. Roberto Levy

Ms. Liora Ostrowicz Lilienthal

Dr. Louise Levesque Lopman

Mrs. Valerie L. Lowenstein and Mr. Arnold Lowenstein

Ms. Dalya Luttwak

Ms. Heidi J. Meyer

Ms. Sylvia Neil and Mr. Dan Fischel

Dr. Ruth Nemzoff and Dr. Harris A. Berman

Mrs. Ellen O'Connell

Ms. Amy Sessler Powell

Mrs. Suzanne G. Priebatsch

Dr. Shulamit Reinharz and Professor Jehuda Reinharz

Dr. Elaine Reuben

Ms. Francine Rosenzweig

Ms. Farrah Raskin Rubenstein

Mrs. Beverly Popek Ruyle

Mrs. Annie Laurie Sandler

Ms. Celia Leeder Sandler

Ms. Beth Schlager

Dr. Laura S. Schor

Ms. Sharon B. Schumack

Alfred and Gilda Slifka Foundation

Dr. Rachel E. Spector

Ms. Beverly A. Stein

Ms. Leonora Stonehill

Ms. Diane L. Troderman

Ms. Ornat Turin

The Joseph and Debra Weinberg Family Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Nora Gold

Ms. Marjorie A. Wiggins

Ms. Livia S. Yanowicz