Past Events

Fall 2019

image of event poster featuring a green arrow shooting through a colonial era hat and text with information about the event

September 11, 2019

1–2 p.m.
MCH 303, Mandel Reading Room
Only open to members of the faculty and invited guests

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Welcome Reception and New Books Celebration

September 5, 2019

4:30–6:30 p.m.
MCH Atrium

Spring 2019

Music at Mandel: Lydian String Quartet Sneak Peek

April 10, 2019

Faculty Lunch Lecture: Refugees or Radicals?: British Responses to the French Émigrés

April 4, 2019

Hannah Weiss Muller (History)

Music at Mandel: MusicUnitesUS Preview

March 27, 2019

Faculty Lunch Lecture: The Trials of Stella Goldschlag: Jews, Gender, and Enforced Collaboration During the Holocaust

March 21, 2019

Laura Jockusch (Near Eastern and Judaic Studies)

Mandel Lectures: Climate Grief: Toxics, Global Warming and Loons in the Boreal North

March 14, 2019

Nancy Langston (Michigan Technological University)

Mandel Lectures: Back from the Brink: Restoration History and Coaster Brook Trout

March 13, 2019

Nancy Langston, (Michigan Technological University)

Mandel Lectures: Mining, Toxics and Environmental Justice

March 13, 2019

Nancy Langston (Michigan Technological University)

Mandel Lectures: Ghost Species: the Uncertain Future of Woodland Caribou in the Anthropocene

March 11, 2019

Nancy Langston (Michigan Technological University)

Bridging the Two Cultures: Genes, Genomics, and Race

February 28, 2019

James E. Haber (Biology) and James R. Morris (Biology)

Close Looking Series: Archival Materials Related to the Establishment of AAAS

February 27, 2019

Chad Williams (African and African American Studies)

Music at Mandel: Undergraduate Student Showcase

February 13, 2019

Bridging the Two Cultures:Linguistics in the Age of Data: Introspection versus Observation

February 7, 2019

James Pustejovsky (Computer Science)

Close Looking Series: "What Remains to be Seen” Untitled #18 by Howardena Pindell

February 6, 2019

John F.C. Wardle (Astrophysics)

Fall 2018

Music at Mandel: Brandeis Improv Collective

December 5, 2018

Close Looking Series: Francis Quarles’ Emblems, Divine and Moral; Together with Hieroglyphicks of the Life of Man

November 28, 2018

Emiliano Gutierrez Popoca (PhD student, English) and William Flesch (English)

Faculty Lunch Lecture: A Weave of Fine and Subtle Threads: Emerging Concepts of Texture in Late Medieval Music

November 15, 2018

Karen Desmond (Music)

Music at Mandel: MusicUnitesUS Preview

November 14, 2018

Bridging the Two Cultures: Citizen Science: Examining how Science, Learning, and Environmental Justice Interact and Intersect

October 25, 2018

Colleen Hitchcock (Environmental Studies)

Close Looking Series: Corpse of a Man by Hyman Bloom

October 24, 2018

David Sherman (English) and Anita Hannig (Anthropology)

Bridging the Two Cultures: Is Free Will an Illusion?

October 18, 2018

Paul Miller (Biology) and Andreas Teuber (Philosophy)

Close Looking Series: Brandeis University Architecture Collection

October 17, 2018

Christopher Abrams (Fine Arts) and Gordie Fellman (Sociology)

Music at Mandel: Lydian String Quartet Sneak Peek

October 10, 2018

Faculty Lunch Lecture: Trauma and Translation in the Global Literary Advocacy Against Female Genital Cutting

October 4, 2018

Emilie Diouf (English)

Music at Mandel: Afternoon Jazz with Bob Nieske and Billy Novick

September 26, 2018

Faculty Lunch Lecture: From Beautiful Bodies to Beautiful Minds: Figuring Disability in Homer

September 13, 2018

Joel Christensen (Classics)

Welcome Reception

September 12, 2018