Neuroscience Program

Postdoctoral Training

The NINDS-sponsored training grant program “Quantitative Neuroscience: From Genes to Behavior” at Brandeis seeks exceptional recent PhD graduates to apply for postdoctoral fellowships. Fellows will work in over twenty participating laboratories

This program integrates intensive quantitative and experimental training in a collaborative environment to produce neuroscientists who go on to successful careers applying these skills to solve the myriad problems posed by disorders of the nervous system. We will take a diverse and talented set of individuals with Ph.D.s in neuroscience, physics, math, computer science, engineering, and biological sciences and give them systematic and integrative training in the use of modern quantitative/analytical approaches bridging levels of analysis to understand nervous system function. We have designed a modular and collaborative training structure that allows trainees with disparate backgrounds to acquire the skills, training and flexibility they need to thrive as modern neuroscientists. Our program comprises a two-year sequence that systematically builds quantitative literacy, fluency with statistical methods and quantitative tools, training in rigor, experimental design and ethics, and grant-writing and communication skills. We magnify the impact of this training program by encouraging all Neuroscience postdocs at Brandeis, not only those appointed to the training grant, to participate. This serves the purpose of building a collaborative postdoc community that collectively possesses and disseminates a broad set of quantitative skills, and where horizontal and vertical transmission of these skills will be an important feature of training. The richer this trainee and mentor community is, the more effective the training will be. To this end, we are committed to enhancing the diversity of our training program at all levels.

All trainees participate in seminars, journal clubs, and will obtain mentoring experience, as a way to facilitate a highly collaborative research experience. Trainees can take advantage of the rich Greater Boston neuroscience community.

Brandeis University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and encourages minorities, women, disabled individuals, and eligible veterans to apply. US citizenship or permanent residency is required for fellowship support through this program.

Interested candidates should contact one of the faculty members to open a dialog about potential research projects.