Study Abroad Credit

Guidelines for obtaining transfer credits counting towards the Politics Major:

  1. Politics majors are advised to meet with the Study Abroad Advisor (Professor Ralph Thaxton) to discuss appropriate study abroad programs and course selection that matches the politics department's expectations. If in doubt about the requirements for the major, students should first meet with the politics department's Undergraduate Advising head (See Faculty List) to plan a program for how they will meet the requirements of the politics major.
  2. Once students are back at Brandeis, the Study Abroad Office will review the courses taken abroad and approve courses that may be eligible for transfer credits. Students will then need to prepare a petition to the Politics Department's Study Abroad Advisor to have transfer credit approved. A required form (pdf) is available online or from the Department Administrator (Rosanne Colocouris). Students need to put together and submit to the politics department a dossier (paper only) comprised of the syllabi for the course or courses for which they wish transfer credit and grade transcripts for course work completed abroad for which they wish to obtain transfer credits. The dossier is submitted to Rosanne Colocouris.
  3. Students may transfer up to two courses per semester from study abroad, and four if away for a year.
  4. Seminars and all required courses towards the major must be taken with core politics faculty, that is, courses listed in the Bulletin with the POL designation. Transfer credits are not provided for required seminar courses, with the exception of students who have taken seminars under the tutorial system at Oxford University or Cambridge University (UK).
  5. Transfer credits are generally granted for elective courses towards the major. Transfer credits towards the field requirements (International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, and American Politics) may be obtained provided the course taken at the foreign institution fulfills certain requirements:
    • The syllabi are judged to fall fully within the core field,
    • The course requirements are comparable to requirements of a typical course taught by the politics department (number and quality of readings, course requirements with respect to exams, papers, and presentations).
  6. The Brandeis in the Hague Program teaches courses that are pre-approved as politics transfer credit:

There is no need to submit a petition for transfer credit in the case of the pre-approved courses.