Office of the Provost

Policy on University Policies and Procedures

September 2021

I. University Policies and Procedures

  1. University Policies are internal administrative regulations that have the following features: (a)they have wide application within the University, (b) they are designed in accordance with applicable law, and (c) they are intended to promote consistent operational activities among the University's various divisions and constituencies.
  2. Other Brandeis policies that govern the activities of a specific division, department or group, such as the Faculty Handbook, the Brandeis University Bulletin, or Brandeis University Rights and Responsibilities, are drafted, revised and adopted in accordance with their own procedures.
  3. University procedures are descriptions of the appropriate steps to take in complying with a University Policy.

II. Development of University Policies and Procedures

  1. Senior officers generally determine or discern the need for new or revised policies and, if necessary, procedures to accompany those policies. When this occurs, the senior officer, or designee, prepares a written proposal for policy formation or revision. If the senior officer determines that the policy may have university-wide application, he or she submits the policy proposal to the University Policy Review Committee (the "UPRC") for review.
  2. The UPRC consists of the Provost (chair), the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Chief of Staff, the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the Vice President of Human Resources, and the Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The UPRC is advised and staffed by the General Counsel. Other senior officers, staff and faculty may be consulted by the UPRC and/or invited to join its meetings to discuss specific policy issues.
  3. The UPRC reviews the policy proposal and takes one of three actions: it appoints the senior officer to draft or revise the policy as a University Policy, it authorizes the formation of an ad hoc policy-drafting committee to do so, or it determines that the proposed policy or revision does not fall under this policy.
  4. When a proposed University Policy has been drafted or revised as specified, the document is submitted to the UPRC for review and approval. The UPRC may determine that the proposed policy should be reviewed by representatives of particular University constituencies; if so, the UPRC will arrange for such review.
  5. If the UPRC approves the proposed University Policy, it is forwarded to the President for his or her review and approval. The President determines if the policy should receive the approval of the Board of Trustees. Following approval by the President and/or the Board of Trustees, as the case may be, the University Policy is disseminated to the Brandeis community as specified by the UPRC, in consultation with the Senior Vice President for Communications, Marketing and External Relations.