Campus Climate Survey

April 22, 2015

Dear Brandeis Students,

We write today to ask for your help as we work together as a community to reduce the incidence of sexual violence on our campus.

For the past year, a campus-wide task force comprised of faculty, staff, and students has been working to evaluate our policies, response, and prevention efforts relative to campus sexual assault.  The task force has recommended the use of a campus climate survey as the appropriate tool to assess the Brandeis culture in this area.

Later today you will receive an email invitation to participate in the “Brandeis Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Violence.”  We ask that you take this survey.

Survey responses will be completely confidential and no Brandeis administrator will be able to identify your responses. As a small token of appreciation, you will receive a choice between a $5 Amazon gift card or a $5 Chipotle gift card upon completion of the survey. 

Your voice is critical. As members of the Brandeis community, we all share a responsibility to prevent sexual violence from occurring and, when it  does, to do all we can to support those who have experienced it. The campus climate survey will provide us with information about community perceptions, knowledge, and attitudes relevant to sexual violence. Given that the survey is confidential it is likely to provide more information regarding incident rates than we currently have available to us.  The climate survey is a valuable tool to help us assess the extent of the problem at Brandeis so that we can provide appropriate support to our students and to allow us to tailor prevention and response efforts. 

We urge you to complete this confidential, voluntary survey, even if you believe the issue does not directly affect you. Making our campus environment safe for all students is our shared responsibility.

Thank you for your help.


Lisa M. Lynch, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and
Maurice B. Hexter Professor of Social and Economic Policy

Andrew Flagel, PhD
Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment